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• Thai Airways has made the upstairs economy section of its new Airbus A380 into a 'baby-free' zone

• Thai Airways joins the superjumbo club this week with delivery of its first Airbus A380, and Australian Business Traveler is on hand to bring you these first photos from inside Thai's big bird

• As a regular traveler to France and a fluent French speaker, I'm often asked for my advice on which French SIM or micro SIM card is the best for an iPhone, iPad, Android device, Internet USB stick

• From 29 October, weekday services between Brisbane and Emerald will increase from three to four per day.

• Swiss International Airlines will start flying between Singapore and its main hub at Zurich from next May.

•  London Heathrow-bound passengers disappointed at Thai's plans to send its fifth Airbus A380 on the Sydney route – following Frankfurt, Tokyo, Paris and Osaka – shouldn't give up hope of seeing the superjumbo heading for Britain.



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